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the Ojai Orange is published by John Wilcock
10 times each year. P.O. Box 1359, Ojai, CA 93024

This index is in Chronological order beginning with the first issue. Those issues posted online are linked by title from this index.
2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008


Cover: Ojai cartoon

Alice in Ojai? The Lewis Carroll story

Larry Hagman
Las Vegas Venetian
Tycoon Sheldon Adelson
Ojai’s Mel Bloom & Andi
Tottenham Court restaurant
JSG Boggs, forger extraordinaire
Backpacking strip

JW Column: Pope; Viagra; Brahms; This Week; Charlotte Rampling; the Christos; College students; Tuli; medical marihuana; dead celebs; voting machine; Coca Cola; highway studs


Cover: Lynn Taylor Back: Euro notes

Ojai oil
Backpacker strip
Pretentious American novels
How to be funny

Greece insert: Milos; Aphrodite (Venus); Diodoros (patriarch); Nemesis

Ojai People: Marc Whitman (Blue Iguana Inn); Jane C (film); Lanny Kaufer; Larry Hagman (Ojai Magazine); Jessica Murray (Community Assistance); Ravi Thurkvel (India Restaurant); David Bury; Doug Ryddsea (Ojai Ice Cream); Larry Shames; Frank Miller (chef); Bob Alan Cotter (sports shop); Doris Scott (Laga de la Luna); Sharon/Ken Butler (Art Workshop); George Dawson (author); Mark Scott (author)

Cover: Otto Heino ; back: artist stamps

Avoid England
How to be funny (2)
Ojai Orange growers
Mario Amaya on Warhol
Jules Eubanks (auctioneer, OVLA)

JW Column: SD Indian marihuana crop; US Military stench expert; IGT slots in Vegas; “brand ambassadors”; FDA’s drug warnings; Dan Rattiner’s paper; Illiterate unwed mothers; Cowboy Palace quips; Ojai’s former Presbyterian church

Ojai People
: Cynthia Roman (farmer’s market); David Clemens (chiropractor); Geo Walczak (Ojai FF); Yellow Labs; David Locke (musican); Alex Kopf; Paul McCaw (Ojai Brew Pub); VC Max Newsletter; Thos Tighe (SB’s Direct Relief); Irene Dogmatic (pet portraits)


Cover: Ojai Foundation solar panels; back: Ojai FF & Bush Cartoon

Longshots cartoon
Solar energy story
Marilyn Monroe interview
Joan Hall’s Einstein
Intelligence Dept. cartoon
Anger quotes
God’s press conference
Lenny Bruce interview
Backpacking strip
Nick Hydesmith (oil platform)

MTM quiz
Moon calendar

JW Column: Models washed up; Bob Dylan autobiography; Fay Weldon’s Bulgari connection; Collateral Damage movie; Smoking salvi

Ojai People
: Tony GwilliamThorpe; Kim & Dwier Brown (Theatre 150); George La Braque (Indian Shop); ReStore; Lisa Clark (Busy Babes); Roger Perry (sewage processor); Nancy Rupp, artist; Linda Taylor, artist; Beryl’s Plaza Pantry; Anne Kerry Ford, singer; Geo Stuart (Historic Figures)

Cover: Mel/Bin Burckes; Back: tiles by Richard Keit, Mary Kennedy

Longshots cartoon

Ojai olive oil
Old English Chapbooks
Patricia Frye interview
Backpacking strip
Burckes’ Old Fashioned Xmas
Old Ojai insert
Telephone cartoon
Ambrose Bierce
Ireland’s Biddy Early
A Hermit's Garden
Marcus Aurelius quotes
Ojai Movie history
Albert Goldman: How to be a biographer (1)
Moon Calendar

JW column: Las Vegas online gaming; Rex Reed on Mulholland Drive; Oh My Dog perfume; Heifer international

Ojai People:
Ernie Dayman, painter; Carmen Ramirez, lawyer; David Allen, carpenter; Wilma Melville, Search Dog Fdn; David/Linda Rolland, pepper preserves; Bobby Houston’s movie; Cheyenne Bear; Richard Keit, tilemaker




Cover: Why Cats Paint Back: Ojai License Plates

Sex and drugs in Amsterdam
Why cats paint: review
Hermit’s Garden
Getting around by horse
Albert Goldman (letters to JW)
Roman figures & Latin phrases explained
Guide Dogs for Blind Trainers

JW Column: Fictitious letters; JFK-MM novel; Post vs. Daily News; Gated communities; UK illegal guns; Jello; Fake Irish pubs; CJR or NYT; Confucius’ birthplace; Aerosol sea spray

Cover: Teal Rowe, glass blower; Back: Magical, Mystical sites

Can you foresee your dreams?
Joan Hall collage
Lou Reed on Andy
Homeric Hymn
Hermit's Garden
Goldman on biography
Ambrose Bierce
Back pack strip
Moon Calendar

JW Column:
Kandaha Catamites; Anesthetics; Prince William

Ojai People:
Chris Densch hiker; Okey Dokey shop;Jenny Powers, hand paints

Cover: “King” George Bush; Back: Wilkes Almanac cover

Longshots cartoon
April Fool (almanac)
Jim Bellows: The Last Editor
Backpack cartoon
Mazes (almanac)
Tribute to my mother (centerfold)
More on Dreams
Lon Reed on Andy
Ambrose Bierce
In praise of cats (almanac)
Elaine Needham cartoon

Mary Tyler Moore quiz
Hermit’s Garden
Moon calendar

JW Column:
prospective return of draft; Death of Klinghoffer movie; German humor resort; Flag of convenience-Sao Tome & Principe; Catalina buffaloes; NASA hi speed plane; Albert Finney; small breasts

ISSUE #9 MAY 2002
Cover: Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe; Back : Omar Khayyam, Elaine Cartoon

JW Column: Cliffs Notes; Warhol pic; Elvis book; India rope trick; High Times quote; E-books; Hair-zinc, copper; Orgasm day; Italy’s hookers; Female Viagra; Brit model Jordan

Poetry License (Perlongo book)
Sex & the early popes
Jim Haynes’ Everything Is
Andy learns to make movies
Mary Tyler Moore Quiz
Hermit’s Garden
Marlene Dietrich memory
Back pack cartoon
Moon calendar

ISSUE #10 JUNE 2002

Cover: Christo Gates; Back: phony book

JW Column: Freelance writers; Jim Hightower on Wal-Mart ; SUV’s;Female chess champion; Rhone Rangers

Dreams (iii)
News from Afar
Foreign bits
Everything Is!
Christo centerfold
Birds, boats & bees
Hermits Garden
Mexican slang
Backpacking strip
How to be a travel writer
Moon calendar

Ojai People: German Bakery; Rancho Arnaz

ISSUE #11 JULY 2002
cover: airport “No Jokes” sign; back: license plates

JW column: TheraDate; Leni Riefenstahl; Jim Hightower on Weal-Mart; Tuli cartoon; Gas-guzzling SUVs; dog biscuits in P.O.; ghostwritten drug plugs; FAO Schwarz’s personal ATM; liars look left; Clinton did it between the Bushes

Everything Is!
Bullshit Bingo
Backpacking cartoon

JW interviews Paul Krassner
In Search of Art Bell
Hermit’s Garden
Ostia Antica
MTM Quiz
Cowboy Palace
Moon Calendar

Cover: Ojai police trap cartoon, editorial about Ojai police Back: license plates

JW Column:
UFO’s; Long range weather forecast; Ads/editorial breakdown of wall; the urban rich; Snooping video cameras; Debris crosses ocean ;Watch out for Howard Dean

Home of the Brave cartoon
Case against e-mail
Hermit garden
Left hand Patti
Malaysian diary
Gary Pentis interview
Miners’ Ten Commandments
Ojai traffic tickets
Letters to judges
Tom Triplett, motorcycle officer
Ambrose Bierce
Moon Calendar

Cover: bag of oranges; Back: karma violation ticket

Steve Allen’s Pride & Patriotism
Ambrose Bierce
Backpacker strip

Tuli cartoon
Harbin Hot Springs
CIPOC anti-police group
Cowboy Palace Saloon
Autumn festival (almanac)
Babes of Brazil
Everything Is!
Joan Hall collage
Fox & the Goat (almanac)
Moon calendar

JW Column: Rosetta disc. Microsoft; Chinese copy Native American crafts; Ivory Coast oil; Rhone Rangers; corkscrews; Queen Elizabeth taxes; newspapers need youth; laptops on planes; High Times women; ecotourism oppression; bless the beasts;


cover: Cottingley fairies; back: Watts Towers

Larry Adler on Bugsy Siegel
Cowboy Palace
Diane Ashley’s Xwords
Hacienda Katanchel
Lucky 13 (almanac)
Friday the 13th
Backpacking strip

Everything Is
Decline & Fall précis
Elaine Needham cartoon
Ambrose Bierce
Hermit’s Garden
Moon Calendar

JW column: Iceland ecology; Brits vs US culture; Think positively; Museums copy architecture; Bookcrossing; CEO talent shortage; cocaine pills; kids watch TV; 7eggs in box; Satanist worship in prisons; marihuana in prisons; Cuban travel embargo; J Edgar Hoover; David Carradine; 1812 White House; Farmworkers’ Union; Bollywood movie; Pfizer drugs; Orianna Fallaci vs Arabs; Thai drug yaba; Russian cops; Japanese asylum policy; Swerdish porn; HK TV show; Venice gates; Taiwan garbage trucks; Washington farmers; BBC license dodgers; Indian dog food; Cecil Beaton on Liz Taylor Joan Crawford bio; PLO bank accts; German (Nazi) pol; future weather; new inventions; blondes to be extinct?;


ISSUE #15 MARCH 2003
Cover: Mexican Beach Bums; back: Bush on Saddam

Liberate Skunks!
Use oil as diesel
Everything Is!
Oaxaca Diary
La Casa de Canta
History of World cartoon
MTM Quiz
Ambrose Bierce
Joan Hall collage
Backpacking strip
Mexico on $5 a Day
Life Among the Mixes
Moon Calendar

JW column: US Puritanism; Fernet Branca; cognac losing sales; Telecom dictionary; Brit slang translated; US flag in Ottawa; Hillary vs Condoleeza; Jesus on Popular Mechanics; Napa scandal book; Yucca Mountain drink; Harvard Health; Letter on Alzheimers ; Tom Jones’ panties; George Simenon

ISSUE # 16 APRIL 2003
Cover: Houdini; back: California orange labels

The Quest for Magic
Everything Is!
Anita Loos on Hearst Castle
Hermit’s Garden
The Search for King Arthur
Glossary for TV writers
Ambrose Bierce
Jezebel’s Diary
Tuli cartoon
Moon calendar
The War page
Aristotelian logic

JW column: Lichtenstein; Madonna fencing; Hilary’s memoirs; ZetaJones wedding; Wilderness toilet; chauvinistic ; Anderson Valley Advertiser; purple carrots; inauthentic Italian restaurants; Peruvian cocaine polls; Rupert Murdoch’s pro-war papers; Harvard health Letter on Alzheimers; Virgin vs Singapore airlines; tree houses; Bush promotes Jed Bush

Issue #17 May 2003
Cover; Post office Tower back: new EU flag / Bush cartoon

Brian Bemel storytelling
Lundy Island
Everything Is
Ojai Civic Assn.
Paul Krassner’s forecasts
Quotes about journalism
Moon Gardening
Jezebel’s Diary
Ambrose Bierce

Moon Calendar

JW column: High Times’ 420 Code; Pot 40; Filipino maids; Nebraska steakhouse; Viagra pops; chef Gordon Ramsey; NASA on Wright Bros; Spain orange juice

ISSUE #18 JUNE 2003
Cover: Gloria Calamar painting; back: Bush/Cheney cartoon

JW column: Matthew Barney’s Cremaster; white elephant Concorde; Hwd beautician’s star payrolls; SoCal hospital pressure from immigrants; Wm Buckley on UN veto; Bush’s brain; Michael Moore; Chilean dogwash; champagne bath at Ldn’s Portobello hotel; Kit Rachlis; monitor Italian news programs

Library party at Pratt house
Ambrose Bierce
Thesaurus cartoon
Jezebel’s diary
Give War a chance
Tuli’s writers’ block
Everything Is!
Kerryman Jokes
Glossy Ojai insert
Dealing with Humboldt heavies
Two Days in Athens
Moon Calendar

Cover Art Kunkin; back: Bush cartoon

JW on Republican vs Democrat
Reminiscenses of ‘60s
OS cartoon
Abby picture
Plainclothes Nuns
Everything Is!
Art Kunkin interview
Cowboy Palace
Bush skulls cartoon
Harvest festival
Ecology & cold cereal rip-off
Ambrose Bierce
Adventures of Jesus cartoon
Art Harris’ typewriter rhapsody
Jezebel’s diary
Moon calendar

JW column: White house press crowd; Death of Spin book; Black’s 99.5% black; 2003 Vatican calendar; Russian corruption; probiotics; Viagra pops; anti-PBS advertising

ISSUE # 20 SEPT 2003
Cover: Irish highway sign; back: Dublin doors

Letter from Dublin

Moon Calendar
Dance Etiquette chart
Yesteryear shop
Taking on the Telemarketers
Ambrose Bierce
Tuli’s antiwar poem
Tom Weazel cartoon
Bless the beasts
Letter from London
Leprechaun story
Bush/Cheney cartoon

ISSUE # 21 OCT 2003
cover; Bush/Cheney cartoon; back: Milton Glaser’s Puerto Vallarta

Oscar Wilder on America
Ambrose Bierce
Everything Is!
Tuli cartoon
Milton Glaser section
Jean Shepherd book preview
Signs of our times
Moon calendar

JW column: Lipitor profits; Bhutan since TV arrived; Germany’s pampered pensioners; Dostoevsky great grandson starving; female alcohol consumption; Krispy Kreme job applicant; military’s new loudspeaker; 1000 yr old ms.; edible backpacks; draft suggestion; Japan/Norway vs Whaling Commission; Joan Collins decries franc to euro change; body piercings in executive suite; Krispy Kreme arrives in London

Cover: Inside Japan Today; back: Japan on $5 a day

Immigrant news
Japanese Smile by Lafcadio Hearn
Stephen Mansfield on nightlife
JW’s letter from Tokyo
Shinkansen trip
Color centerfold
Japanese poetry
Basho & haiku
Edo in old days (graphics page)
Moon Viewing
Drinking Style
Secrets of the Ninja
Cats Eye clock
Panty sales & other sex


ISSUE #23 JAN 2004
Cover; Condoleeza Rice; back: Bush cartoon

Brigham Young on Wall Street
Mr Dick, cartoon
Rumsfeld cartoon

Tuli cartoon
Joys of Yiddish
To the PC crowd….
Political Correctness
Centerfold: political collage
Moon Calendar
Candlemass Custom
Las Vegas pawnshops
Esalen visit
Time to vote anarchist?
Wildcat anarchist cartoon
Ambrose Bierce
Bush as joker card

JW column: Dick Armey trashes liberals; Therapy Culture book; no votes for desirable candidate; Bush’s deficits; Taiwan vs China; Big Pharma



Cover: Year of Monkey stamp: back: Bush cartoon, Ambrose Bierce

Valery & Ruth’s New Year card
Paul Krassner predicts
Everything is!
Fake CIA/DEA calling card
Dirty Blackpool postcards
Random bunch of popes
Bless the beasts
NS writer on Muslims
Skewed voting machines
Bush cartoon
How to become a Greater Person
Sasha’s media POW
Archy & Mehitabel

Jw column: Google success explained; lowfat not sugarfree; One Deception $bill; curmudgeons; Ralph Nader quote; BigPharma in Brazilian jungle; Dick Gregory $bill; Eats, Shoots & Leaves; NYTimes bestseller list; Jane Juska’s sex ad; Wal-Mart in China; ACE hardware flying $$ bills; Martin Amis on egomania; Maya Angelou quote; Israelis and Palestinians in Antarctic; Che on motorbike book; Irish pm daughter’s book; statute of limitations, why?; FCUK perfumes renamed

ISSUE #26 MARCH 2004
Cover: Joan Hall collage; back; German inflation stamps

A time for cynicism
Why a dog better than a man
White Collar Dope Dealer
Plainclothes Nuns
Albert Ellis
Crowded Calendar
The Wonder of Hope
News from Elsewhere (Erich don Daneken; Siberian highway Bad Sex prize; Murdoch backs winners; Julie Burchill on Sarah Ferguson: )
Gilbert Shelton cartoon
MTM quiz
Owen Lee’s Zihuatanejo quest
Moon Calendar
JW column on Zijuatanejo

ISSUE #27 APRIL 2004
Cover: multiple James Joyce heads; back:Ashcroft cartoon

Sasha’s Media POW
Angel Falls
Green pages insert on Bloomsday
White Collar Dope Dealer
Beckman’s Pot Inspirations cartoon
How to Become a Greater Person
Moon Calendar

JW column: Quentin Crisp and media training; kids return home; crooked ceos get legal advice; Tony Curtis on MM; wine poseurs; shipping & handling; Cuban medical students; dud prescription drugs; Bassmobile tours US

ISSUE # 28 MAY 2004

Cover: Houdini on mediums; back: Queen Liz with sniffing dog

Thomas Frank on idiot voters
Houdini’s phony mediums
Skeptical words about poetry
Herb Gold on Haiti
BLUE BOOK insert (Haldeman-Julius)
Cartoon about coin designs
White Collar Dope Dealer
Pied Piper of Hamelin
Moon Calendar

JW column: offshore tax dodgers; Steve Wynn’s casino; Leaving Brooklyn signs; NS palindromes; Nielsen obsolescence London version of Le Monde; blowfish may be cancer painkiller; Friends commercial; Seinfeld episodes; Elvis ripped off; Queen Victoria’s dope; Globesity; Bordeaux vintners suffer


ISSUE # 30 JUNE 2004

Cover: Frida Kahlo; back: Ojai license plates

JW column: Wal-Mart defended; brothels/toilets in ancient Pompei; Las Vegas unions; small states’ over-representation; BBC’s Michael Grade; descended from papaya?; atheists to run Christian group?; obesity and smoking; ear identification

Death of Frida Kahlo
White Collar dope dealer
Petrarch’s birthday
Ojai’s Krishnamurti celebration
Moon calendar


Cover: Wagons Lits train poster; back: Crazy Horse sculpture

JW’s column: Hwd ass-kisses Pentagon; Jennifer Toh’s Mole People urban legends book; Brits diss God; Le Figaro praises French language; sugar, cotton subsidies hurt poor countries; audible alibis machine; Seneca’s Diaries paperback; Texan collects rainwater to sell; return Iraq to three countries

Other Scenes’ Figaro Diary
Andrew Eames on Agatha Christie trail
Ambrose Bierce
How to Become a Greater Person
Burma Shave signs
Moon Calendar

Cover: Prince Harry gives finger; back: Routemaster bus pic; cricket club gates

Tony Blair /politics
Country of gamblers
Tabloid wars
Media shorts
News shorts
Derbyshire’s Peak district
(Haddon Hall. Chatsworth etc)
Calver Diary
Royal Mail
Increasing crime
Gypsy travelers
Drug for kids

Youth culture
Public telephones disappear

Animal rights
Wind farms
Sex lifestyles
Crop circles

cover: Bush taking central position: back: Derbyshire Life

JW column: NYC doctors visit; European Space agency; Einstein centenary; Russia’s beer abuse; Anne Rice’s ego;

When the Pope dies
Guy Fawkes
How to Become Greater Person
Everything Is!
Thoughts About Anarchy
Ambrose Bierce
Moon Calendar
Jane Eyre in Hathersage
How the Water Comes Down at Lodore
Tuli cartoon

cover: I Need You poster; back: Private Eye cover

JW’s Political Motions
Atrocity Comics, 1969
William Levy’s Amsterdam
Naughty Amsterdam
Used Car Lot Iraq cartoon
Hugh Paulk’s Serendipity
Anthony Burgess’ Rosetalk
Robert Wolfe on Paul Krassner
People of December
Animal Tips
Moon Calendar
Stan & JW (12 pages) discuss becoming immortal via TV

JW’s column: Dalyrymple on shredded jeans; talking handbag; swimming thru treacle; street pole surveillance; Orkney wave power; sheep on cattle grids; sperm sellers in Denmark



Cover: Krishnamurti; back: TV from Middle East (Tuli)

Martin Gardner’s Krishnamurti
Media Monitor
Berman’s Jean Shepherd book
Portmeirion’s The Prisoner reunion
The Mellow Yellow Culture (Amsterdam)
The Quipu
Japanese hot bath resort
Tuli cartoon
Cowboy Palace Yankees
Moon Calendar

JW’s column: pampered celebrities; cell phone jerks; Polish youth rejects Coca Cola; coffin self-builders; spy phone; sex with teacher; Nielsen ratings; Peter Travis reviews; Taliban torture?; Donald Trump’s greed; Poets & Writers’ grant; Mongolian surnames’; Short History of Tractors book

Cover: California wine labels; back: Der Spiegel cover

March anniversaries
Unsure Cures
Backpacking strip
Witches’ Sound Advice
Birth of California Wine
Visiting the ‘Sideways’ Valley
Brunello: the world’s finest wine?
Modest genius of Martin Gardner
Fun with Mobius Bands

JW’s 3-dot column: Howard Stern; wild-eyed grannies in wheelchairs; Swiss Army knife; politicians’ talk; movie from Motorola cell phone; London tabloids; unfulfilled 2004 forecasts

cover: JW in poppy fields; back: Bush pillage cartoon

Media Monitor
My life and LA Times
Santa Cruz cartoon mag
Phony Names
April People
Larry Adler’s Witch Hunt
Cowboy Palace Saloon
Zen Comics (1968)
Backpacking Strip
Moon Calendar
Ambrose Bierce

JW’s column: Beatrice Wood anniversary; antiquity’s chemical weapons; backlash to PC; keffiyeh as fashion; medical marihuana victim; Holland & Germany language restriction; Kirkus Review online

ORANGE #38 MAY 2005

Cover: 99 Cent Store; back: Popes & anti Popes cover

Media Monitor
Treasure hunt in 99 Cents stores
Cowboy Palace saloon
May people
Anita Loos’ movie aspirants
Celebrity in the ancient world
Harry Pincus’ portraits
The Mighty Oak
Easter Island
Moon Calendar
Archy & Mehitabel

JW’s 3-dot column: PC might be ending; if only TV ads didn’t coincide; Soviet currency forgers; new Raymond Chandler editions; Middle Eastern robot jockeys; global dimming; India’s generic drugs; canned self-heating coffee; Oscar Wilde’s jail door; Aussie drunks call girlfriends; Clear Channel seeks Lloyd Weber’s theaters;

ORANGE #39 JUNE 2005

Cover: Ed Ruscha painting; back: Bush cartoon

Ed Ruscha bio
Laws of Life
Lady’s Guide (1856)

Everything Is!
Gilbert Shelton cartoon
Cowboy Palace saloon

Elephant cartoon (1970)
The Marfa Lights
Media Monitor (Condi vs Hillary)
Other People’s Letters
Alternative medicine
Popes from the Past
Japanese volcano islands
Moon calendar
Ambrose Bierce

JW column: fish watching TV; India’ generic drugs; groundhog conduct; Wal-Mart’s competitors; Intel Inside sound; Ceo’s pay; oysters as aphrodisiac; Richard Neville’s Footprints of the Future

Cover: Alphonse Mucha poster; back: Egon Schiele

The Lennon Wall
My Sixties’ Life
Justin Green cartoon
Paris in Spring
Prague Diary
Franz Kafka & Prague
Mucha: short bio
About Pope Benedictus XVI
Greed in Rip-off Britain
Cowboy Palace
Richard Neville
Moon Calendar

Cover: Bush ‘worst disaster’; back: Private Eye cover

Fifty Years of Columny
Funny Times cartoon
Everything Is!
Betty pepper bio
Ojai license plates
Pink Moment insert; Ojai oranges
Weed that changed the world
Ambrose Bierce
Other Scenes foreign
Archaeology cartoon
Tuli cartoon
Moon Calendar
Richard Neville

JW’s 3-dot column: Irish exemptions from tax; Robin Cook inveighs against war; Prince William’s girlfriend; Michael Flatley’s Las Vegas Resort; Las Vegas liars; Da Vinci Code pr; Doyle Brunson on poker champs; elephant dung paper; UK’s AA speed camera list;


Cover: China Today; back; Shanghai Metro map

China Today: partnership with Hong Kong; Taiwan; Super Brands; Myth of Mao; Too Much Tourism?; Little Red Book; Feng Shui; Tea vs Coffee; Demolishing old buildings; Beauty-obsessed babes; How to Cheat at Mahjong; around the capital; Cyberspace censored; Greta Garbo in Shanghai; Diesel boats banned; Singles seek Mates; Terra Cotta warriors; Confucius; miscellaneous info


Cover: Bush seeks Oscar; back: Cheney cartoon

Moon Calendar
Journalist as drug Warrior
Reminiscing about ‘60s parties
Talking to Robots
Insert: JW’s Secret Diary 1978
Warhol autobiography: cast of characters
Chris Pelletiere cartoon
People column

JW’s column: Michael Bloomberg nixes presidential run; TV Week on :”charm”; Caretaker Gazette; Brett Easton Ellis trashes American Psycho; Religious Jokes website; big Pharma sells diseases; Supreme Court too insular; flavanols


Cover: Costa Rica politics; back: volcano erupts/ Canopy tours

Caring for cats; (Costa Rica)
Peg Leg Smith Liars Contest
Spring/ March quotes
Costa Rica center: San Jose; Britt Coffee, Jaco; Manuel Antonio National Park; countryside round-up; maids, Spanglish; Panama next?; Second Home in CR?
Cowboy Palace Saloon
John Gorman on Open Minded
Tuli cartoon
21 gun salute to journalism
Ambrose Bierce
Moon Calendar

JW’s column: Philly groundhog; TV captioning; sierra mist soda campaign; book about banality; us controlling the internet; Craigslist; Greece’s undersea smugglers; JW gets email address

Cover: Inside Cuba; back: Dubya in Disguise

Movieland Wax museum closes
Last Dance in Havana
Insert: Shakespeare on Golf
The Song of Cuba
Eisenhower’s prophecy
Prices per gallon
Vietnam exit photo

JW’s column: James Randi’s challenge; staircase up to sky hotel; Titans of Trash; Koran-deprived Muslims prisoners; Indian snake charmers; CIA employment ads;
Is tea “dated”?; violence on TV; identity checks vein patterns; Lewis Carroll on CD-Ron;
Channel 4 invites viewer votes; will gas stations ever shuck 9/10ths?

ORANGE # 46 APRIL 2006
Cover: Montage of Ironman; back: Lewis Carroll symposium

Pithy Pols (quotes)
The toughest of us all (Ironman Triathlon)
Circling the Big Island
Living on the Edge (volcanoes)
Cowboy Palace Saloon
Witches Almanac T&T column
About the Amazing Maze
The Drug Pogrom
Foreign Parts
Private Eye Bush cartoons
Moon Calendar

ORANGE #47 MAY 2006
Cover: Bush unwanted poster; back: Bush Fuck You message

Bush on the Couch (book review)
Is it fascism yet?/Seneca quote
Invisibility feature
Gorman’s Mark my words!
Tuli cartoon
World Cup Fever
Mazes (concluded)
Backpacker strip
Rune magic
Son of Elvis
Aristotelian Logic

JW’s column: Argentinian models; TV product placement; Martin Gardner on repressed memory; tax breaks for outsourcers; Snus (snuff); wasps detect drugs; solar distillation; Marihuana Film Festival; biggest movie flop

ORANGE #48 Summer 2006

Cover: Hippies & Papers; back: Krassner’s Disney parody

Medical Marihuana vs hypocritical pols
Perv sexfiends on Tokyo TV
Bombs Away cartoon
Mark my Words
Father’s Day visitor
Becoming Invisible (2)
Not quite Doomsday

JW column: Jerry Springer; new fragrance; overstuffed email archives; Church of England’s surplus land

ORANGE #49 September 2006
Cover: Ted Breaux with absinthe; back: foreign stamps

Being a Travel Writer
French Quarter & The Old Absinthe House
NYC's cheap Chinese bus
How to Travel (Very) Slowly
Nix to delusions re Oriental sex
Surreal Art in Buenos Aires
Hugh Paulk's Serendipity
Eat Hairy Crabs
US Virgin Islands
What are Californians?

ORANGE #50 October 2006
Cover: Joan Hall Collage

Among the stories reprinted in Ojai Orange #50 are:
the editor writes
The Day Andy Warhol Was Shot Oct 2001
This Artist Really Makes Money Summer 2001
Parties at Hearst Castle April 2003
Bullshit Bingo July /02
Tom Weasel cartoon Sept /03
Son of Elvis May/06
Village of Jane Eyre Nov/04
Ambrose Bierce March/02
Albert Goldman on Biography Feb/02
Milton Glaser Oct/03
Stupidity in Claiming Victory June /03
Chatting with Marilyn Monroe Nov/01
Kerryman Jokes June/03
Bush on the Couch May/06
Campaign 2004 July 0/3
Larry Adler's Witch Hunt April /05
Mr. Dick cartoon Jan/04
Martin Gardner on Krishnamurti Feb/05
In Search of Aphrodite Sept / 01
Harvesting the Ojai orange Oct /05
Lenny Bruce in the kitchen Nov /01

ORANGE #51 November 2006
Waco: The Crossroads of Texas
Frida Kahlo tequila

School of Time
Postcard from Brazil
Bevy of Swans
Life among the Mixes
Waco Diary
Crossroads of Texas
Cowboy Saloon
Old-time Cowboys
Three Letters
Mark my words!
Furry Freak Bros
To be a New Yorker




ORANGE #52 Vietnam Spring 2007
State policewomen
Vietnam collage

Introducing Vietnam
Street food, karaoke
Out of town
Business in Vietnam
Reviving culture
PM goes online
Investors clean up
Progress in sex-ed
Hué, Danang, Hoi An
Motorcycles and taxis
Ho Chi Min City
Cu Chi tunnels
Mekong Delta
Agent Orange, Marxism
Vietnamese cooking
Ethnic food
Village culture

ORANGE #53 May 2007
Hippie flower girl portrait
Bush cartoons

Disguntled letter writer
Are you open-minded?
Age of the Ghostwriter
Words of Wisdom
Robert Crumb remembers the Sixties
Manhattan Memories
Greenwich Village Bohemians
The Fire Island weekend
Maverick magazine
JW photo, c.1964
Washington Square Sunday
Ammon Hennacy, anarchist
The old Tredwell house
Village realtor talks
Cowbay Palace redneck humor
Rupert Murdoch quotes


ORANGE #54 Summer 2007
Alaskan dog team
Alaskan collage

About Martin Gardner
Fiction by Martin Gardner
July People
Hugh Paulk's Turning Points
Alaska: Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, the Yukon, Glacier Bay
How to deal with bears
Brazil's crime wave & tourism
American haiku
George Bush's Pet Scapegoats
The Winchester Mystery House
If you live in Hanoi...
Quotes from the Cowboy Palace Saloon


ORANGE #55 Autumn 2007
Mexican real estate
ADiP magazine cover

Washington Wisdom - political cartoons
Mexico Diary; Patzcuaro & Zihuatanejo
Zihuatanejo circa 1963
Gringo helps poor village
Guide to English pronunciation
Mexico on $5 a Day
Dumpster Diving
Cult of the Cute
Know Your State Motto


ORANGE #56 Winter 2007
English Postcard
bumper sticker collage

The Money Party
Writers of Westerns & Writers of the West
Folk Proverbs
Bob Dylan & the Beatles
Rationale of the Dirty Joke
Some Dirty Jokes
Bermuda Cruising
Tuli cartoon
Creeping Crypto-Fascism
Cruising the Caribbean



ORANGE #57 Summer 2008
Andy Warhol
Krassner’s Porn Soup

Time shift cartoon/Editor writes
JW on Andy Warhol’s Interview
Hard-to-learn English
Blow Job Betty visits Lenny
The future Bush Museum
Languid Lisbon
More Redneck Humor
Revisiting Ostia Antigua
Studying the Swiss/ 600 Nudes
Zurich in 1972
No One Lives Here Anymore
The Oyster Story
Ambrose Bierce: Devil’s Dictionary
Olympic Fig Leaf Event

Sheridan Anderson's Backpacking book (12 page supplement)

ORANGE #58 Autumn 2008
NY Stock Exchange
Stock Exchange poem

The Editor Writes
George Bush Resume
Social Security 1936
Manhattan Memories
Optical Illusions
Floating Voter; cartoon
The Sage of Tao
George Carlin's History of America
Questions About Hemp
Jesus Christ Wanted Poster



ORANGE #59 Summer 2009
Colorful zebras from Serengeti via Photoshop
the Tanzanite experience

Understanding Africa
Introducing Tanzania
Brief History of the Safari
Tanzania Diary
color collage
Tanzania Diary
the editor writes

cover: John Wilcock column logo

blurb from The Village Square (1961)
JW's column
Village Square column 11 The Wilcock Web, June/07
The Village Square book cover